Monday, May 9, 2016

Game Review: ChromaGun

This plot may sound a little familiar: Mysterious corporate entity invites you in as a volunteer "test subject" to test their new prototype gun. You progress through a series of white-walled chambers, sometimes encouraged by a semi-snarky voice.

Okay, it's basically the plot of Portal. But, in a well executed game, with enough of a different hook to make things interesting, that's not really a bad thing, now is it?

ChromaGun is essentially a Portal-style game, where you solve puzzles by mixing colors. Your only weapon is the eponymous ChromaGun, which fires blobs of super adhesive red, yellow, and blue paint. Combining two colors will give you orange, green, and purple colors as well, combining all three colors (or hitting orange, green, or purple painted objects with any color) will give you brown.

Using these seven colors on the walls, ceiling, and worker bots, you progress through eight chapters (roughly fifty rooms total) of puzzles.

The puzzle rooms are, with a couple of exceptions, well thought out, and gradually reveal new mechanics as you go. The plot, well, the announcer talking to you throughout the puzzles is male, so that's different than Portal at least. Plot isn't really that important to a puzzle game though, provided the game is fun, and this is.

Overall, I definitely recommend this game, it's a fun 3-5 hour set of puzzles, challenging enough for adults, but also kid appropriate. In fact, I'm probably going to let my ten-year-old have a go at it next week.

You can find ChromaGun on Steam.

Schedule This Week:
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Star Wars: TIE Fighter playthrough continues on Saturday

More World War II aviation history coming on Thursday.

Pixel Maniacs provided me with a free key for ChromaGun and asked me to play it. No promises of positive reviews or anything else were provided in return, I just really enjoyed the game.

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