Thursday, October 6, 2016

Containing Failure: Damage Control in AGILE Planning

Engineering has the lovely concept of contained and uncontained failures. A contained failure is one that limits the damage to the part or system that fails, while an uncontained failure does not.

While failure isn't something that anyone likes, it is, as Mythbusters used to say, "Always an option."

Uncontrolled turbine engine failure. Damage occurs to both the part in
question, and the surrounding parts of the aircraft.
I hit a fairly big snag in my AGILE working plan last week. Fatigue, both mental and physical, coupled with a major computer failure (caused by me during an upgrade) knocked me out for a bit.

I've been down before, and it took me most of the week to realize that's what was happening. That's the main thing, I guess, keeping the failure contained. Once I realized where the problem, focusing on what I needed to do to fix it meant that this week has been much more productive, and things are getting back on track.

Call it a contained failure. No lasting damage, just some time to fix the problem and get back on track. Regular streaming and videos should be coming back next week, as I get content queued up.

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