Thursday, November 17, 2016

Unexpected Relaxation: Euro Truck Simulator 2

I really didn't expect to get as sucked into Euro Truck Sim 2 as I've been. Originally started in desperation during my Extra Life marathon, there's a soothing rhythm to to hauling cargo across Europe and slowly building up my trucking empire.

It doesn't hurt that most European trucks are the cab-over style. While that isn't as aerodynamic as the long nosed rigs common in North America, I've always thought they looked much tougher. Then again, maybe it's just that a certain Kenworth K100 model figures prominently in a lot of my childhood memories.

Yeah, this one.

Sadly, the Kenworth isn't one of the available options (this is European Truck Sim, after all) but the Renault Magnum makes for a pretty good substitute.

Still looking for a mod to give me this Top Gear paint job though.
The follow-up, American Truck Sim doesn't have any old-school cab-overs yet either. Here's hoping for the future.

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