Monday, March 13, 2017

Marooner's Rock Game Review - Necropolis

Over on Marooner's Rock, I tackled Harebrained Schemes' take on the Roguelike dungeon crawler, Necropolis. A fun, sometimes frustrating game, it's one that I'll be coming back to in due time when the Backlog Burndown eventually (probably in about four years) gets to it.

"Drawing difficulty cues from the Dark Souls series, Necropolis differentiates itself with a cel-shaded art style and a world that’s different every time you play. As either a Brute (bigger, slower, seems to absorb more damage) or a Blackguard (smaller, faster, trading durability for speed) you and up to three networked co-op friends descend into the depths of the Necropolis, a huge magical construct created by the ancient wizard Abraxis."
 Check out the full review, or pick up your own copy on Steam, or Xbox One.

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