Friday, May 12, 2017

Star Wars: X-Wing vs.TIE Fighter - Balance of Power - Imperial Task Force Vengeance Mission #14

This is it, the penultimate mission in the Imperial campaign! Oh boy is it a doozy. The mission objectives don't seem all that tough, just inspect some ships and destroy some mines and gun platforms, but there's a fifteen minute time limit that makes things extremely unforgiving. Unlike almost all the other campaign missions where getting your ship destroyed is a temporary annoyance, in this mission the distance from your spawn point to your objectives basically ensures that a single death will doom the mission.

With the time limit, this is probably the toughest mission in the Imperial campaign. The best technique seems to be picking one of the TIE Avengers that is armed with Advanced Concussion Missiles, and save those for firing in pairs at the gun platforms. Inspect the Nebulon B cruiser as it flies past you, then you can get the rest of your inspections (save for the reinforcing Calamari Light Cruiser) done in one pass.

Have your wingmen focus fire on the minelaying Escort Transport, and take down the gun platforms, followed by the mines. Don't forget to keep your decoy beam charged, otherwise you'll almost certainly end up eating an enemy missile. Finish up by scanning the Rebel cruiser. Good luck!

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