Monday, March 21, 2016

Happening This Week: March 21-26, 2016

What?!? Actual content? Well, kind of.

Welcome to Sticks, Stories, and Scotch,with a Monday of this week's action, both on the blog here and elsewhere on my Youtube and Twitch channels. And occasionally other places too...

This week:
Youtube: My Star Wars: TIE Fighter play through continues with the TIE Bomber training missions

Twitch Channel: Mechwarrior Misadventures continues, as does my side game of Poker Night 2, most weeknights around 9:30 - 10pm CDT (depending on when my kids get to bed). Let's see how many times I need to put my daughter back to bed this week?

Saturday will also see more Star Wars: TIE Fighter action, as I continue to work through the training missions and maze runs on the various fighters.

Here: I'll have a post up on Thursday with a bit of history about X-Wing, the game.

Have a good week y'all!

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