Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekly Schedule - March 28 - April 3 2016

Well, made to post a second week. That's... a slight bit of consistency, at least. Anyway, to this week's events!

This week:
Youtube: My Star Wars: TIE Fighter play through continues with the TIE Advanced training missions

Twitch Channel: Mechwarrior Misadventures continues, as does my side game of Poker Night 2, most weeknights around 9:30 - 10pm CDT (depending on when my kids get to bed). It's beginning to seem that my two-year-old is more interesting that my various failures as a mech jockey. Actually, that's not really a surprise.

Friday night will also see more Star Wars: TIE Fighter action, as I continue to work through the training missions and maze runs on the various fighters.

Here: Following up last week's post on Star Wars: X-Wing, this week I'll be taking a look at Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Maybe the first in a series, who knows?

Have a good week y'all!

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