Monday, June 6, 2016

Every Once in a While, QA Gets a Trophy

They don't give out many trophies in QA. Oh sure, if you're with a company long enough, you might get a plaque or something for various work anniversaries, maybe something that says "I shipped this!" when a project ships, but awards are being handed out, there's nothing for "Excellence in Quality Assurance" or "Best catches of bugs so the public never saw them."

By its very nature QA is largely invisible to the consuming public, unless we fail at doing our jobs. There's an argument to be made that when something gets an award for excellence, QA shares in that award, but even so, that's not on the trophy/plaque/whatever.

But sometimes, we do get a personal achievement trophy.
Probably the closest I'll ever get to owing a Viper.

It was what the company called a "Bug Bash" with prizes for things like most bugs found, and best bug. I don't remember exactly which category I won in, but this was my prize. To be honest, I'd forgotten I still had this car until I unpacked it in a box that'd been sealed for the last four years.

This week, the car's going on my desk at work. Quality Assurance may not get much glory, but it's nice to have visual reminders of times when we do get positive recognition.

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