Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Backlog Burndown #22 - Highschool Possesion

Today on Marooner's Rock I take on one of Dharker Studio's earlier visual novels: Highschool Possession.

After coming home from school with a massive headache and laying down for a rest, Hikaru wakes up the next day to an unfamiliar ceiling. Even more shocking, he's inhabiting a familiar, yet very unfamiliar body: Akiko! As Hikaru tries to navigate Akiko through her day, he finds that rather than having a perfect life, she's got some serious problems. A bad boyfriend is trouble enough, but Akiko has some serious depression issues that she's been hiding from everyone. But as night falls and Hikaru goes to sleep, this will have just been a bizarre one-off event, right?
Check out the whole story here: Backlog Burndown #22

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