Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Star Wars: X-Wing vs.TIE Fighter - Balance of Power - Imperial Task Force Vengeance Mission #7

They're almost here! It's nearly time to upgrade from your shielded Squint, Dupe or Eyeball if you've been flying one of those instead during this campaign. This mission has you escorting replacement fighters from a carrier to the Imperial Star Destroyer Rage.

Unfortunately, the fighters are unarmed and defenseless during this transfer. The Assault Gunboats launch first and are easy enough to see over to the Rage, but the TIE Advanced are another story. You'll need to watch these like hawks, and defend them as much as you can against Rebel attacks.

Even more importantly, if any of the Brights get disabled by attacking B-Wings, you need to prioritize taking out the capture shuttles ASAP! Once everything is clear, two tugs will launch from the Rage to slowly make their way to any crippled Brights, re-activate them, and let them complete their missions.

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