Thursday, June 29, 2017

Fantasy Four Garage

CycleWorld asked "What four motorcycles would you put in your Dream Garage?" I might have given this a bit more thought than necessary while riding my jack-of-all-trades Sportster, but here goes.

The Daily Rider - 2017 Harley-Davidson CVO limited
Official Harley-Davidson photo

My Sportster is a great all-around bike, but if I had a garage for four, then all-around is out, and purpose built is in. The CVO Limited is a bike built to eat pavement miles by the hundreds, and do it in comfort and at speed. You get all the creature comforts, with performance to hang with a Camaro or Mustang. This would be my daily commuter, and my perfect choice for racking up Iron Butt tours.

The Sportbike - Ducati 998
I definitely want to try a sportbike. Maybe not own one, lest I acquire far too many "Performance Driving Certificates" from the local constabulary, but if it's my dream garage... I'll be honest though, the choice of this specific bike has to do with a single influential scene form the mediocre sequel to an great movie.

The Mountain Goat - Ural Gear Up
Photo credit IMZ Ural
 The "Perfect Year" is close to impossible in South Dakota. I'm not saying completely impossible, because I'm sure some hearty soul might do it, but when snow and ice show up, pretty much everything with two wheels goes into hibernation. Not the Ural. Built to handle Siberia, a South Dakota winter is nothing. Just throw on the two wheel drive, plug in your heated gear, and away you go!

The Classic - 1942 Harley-Davidson WLA
Photo via wikipedia
 No complicated reasoning here. I'd love to own a classic Harley, and I'd love to own a running piece of military history. This would be the bike for summer evening rides, for small town parades, for car shows and airshow displays. Ridden enough to keep in condition, and always forgiven for marking its spot in the garage.

The best thing about this list? All four of these could be reasonably acquired for under $100,000. A lot of money, sure, but far less than a super-car dream garage would run. Who knows, maybe someday this dream will be a reality.

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