Monday, April 4, 2016

New Book Incoming!

A long time ago (okay, it was last year) Janine Southard released a book called Cracked! A Magic iPhone Story. It was fun, witty, a love letter to 2013 Seattle, and a great read.

This year, she opened up her universe, and let a bunch of other writers play in the sandbox, submitting their own tales of the places where magic and technology converge in an anthology called Untethered: A Magic iPhone Anthology.

Among others, there's a story by me, exploring what a magic iPhone might have been, before there were iPhones for it to be.

You can pre-order the anthology now on Kickstarter!

Also, this week on around the 'net, you'll find me releasing Star Wars: TIE Fighter Assault Gunboat training mission walkthroughs on YouTube, having a MechWarrior Monday on Twitch, but the rest of the week, I'll be playing Quantum Break!

On Thursday, come back over here, as I explore the Hot-Crazy Matrix, as it relates to knowing when to find a new job.

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