Sunday, April 24, 2016

Rediscovering Simple Pleasures - Baseball Card Collecting

For my recent birthday, my wife allowed our kids to give their daddy a few packs of new 2016 Topps Series 1 baseball cards.

This may have been a mistake, as it re-ignited (with spousal permission), a collecting bug that has lain essentially dormant since our oldest son was born ten years ago. One trip to the local card shop later, and I was tearing into wax packs from a blaster box just like old times.

I should probably add here, that I've been playing with the Topps Bunt app on my phone since last September. It's pretty fun, but while I've fully embraced the power of digital gaming and e-books without much remorse, there's something about digital collectible cards that really doesn't scratch the itch. I like the Bunt app, don't get me wrong here, the daily contest elements in particular are great, but when I'm collecting something, I want to a tangible good. Especially for cards, tapping a button to watch an animation of a pack unwrapping is a poor facsimile of actually ripping open a pack for yourself and flipping through your new cards.

I also picked up a subscription to's card tracker and pricing service. Let's be honest here, one of the worst nightmares for any collector (of anything) is losing his or her collection and having to make an insurance claim. For me, aside from the main organizational value, there's a huge potential benefit there that if I ever have to make an insurance claim, having a full inventory of my collection will be a huge help. Having the collection live on Beckett's cloud is another benefit.

This of course, means I've also starting going through my old stuff that I never organized. Scratch that, I had organization. Twelve-year-old me organized his cards by team. Which is somewhat less helpful when attempting to inventory a set-based collection. No wonder I never had time to tackle this project before.

The finest cards of 1994, minus a few hundred still in pages
It feels good to be flipping through my old cards again. It's another project I never could have taken on with my old job and commute, but one that desperately needs doing. Since I'm doing most of my work at the kitchen table, it's also giving me some good interaction opportunities with my kids, both to share some of my old cards with them, and show them some newer stuff as well. 

Streaming Schedule This Week:
Youtube: TIE Fighter finally hits the campaign. Missions 1-5 of Campaign 1, Aftermath of Hoth, will be going up this week.

Twitch: Quantum (won't) Break me with this last boss battle. I'm going to finish this game, and then start checking out ChromaGun. I should be back to my regular-ish 9:45-10:15pm Power Half-Hour weeknight stream, plus the longer weekend runs.

Right Here: On Thursday we'll continue our series on Night Fighters.

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