Thursday, August 3, 2017

Game Review: Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow

Over on Marooner's Rock I take a critical review look at the new Futurama game. I'm a big fan of that franchise, and was really excited for the new game.

I may have been a little disappointed.

"The gameplay itself breaks out into two different segments. The general world map of New New York allows access to various character missions, and a city-scape that the player slowly builds up, adding buildings and decorations while clearing fogged areas. Buildings provide money (Nixonbucks) and experience at timed intervals. Character missions are unique activities performed by each character which also provide money and experience. While most character missions take place inside a building and are unique in name only, a handful contain unique animations that show off each character’s famous (or infamous) qualities."

But you can always check out the whole review for yourself!

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