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Thursday, January 3, 2019

New Year's Jet Noise!

Hopefully by now all the fireworks are put away, and everyone is over any New Year's celebration hangovers. The Caster Clan is still getting back up to full speed on a few things, with the kids back in school and tax season now underway.

Also, it's cold outside (Baby). We didn't get much of a White Christmas this year, but Mother Nature sure made up for that a day later.
The front yard, just a couple days after Christmas, and me finally digging the snow blower out of the garage.

So since most aviating and motorcycling has now been reduced to hanger flying and shop talk for the next few months, how about some awesome videos?

For those who don't know, "Star Wars" Canyon is a transition in one of the California MOAs where photographers can get up close and personal with an awesome variety of military aircraft as pilots do their best Luke Skywalker/Wedge Antilles impressions. Watch this one full screen with the sound up!

I have no idea whether the Bell V-280 Valor should beat out the SB>1 Defiant for the U.S. Army's next big helicopter contract. But I do think that tilt-rotors are cool, and I'd love to fly one.

Last but not least, anyone got some spare change or an Oculus Rift they'd like to kick over to me? Because this looks like about the closest I'm ever going to get flying a Tomcat!

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