Friday, July 14, 2017

Let's Play Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance - Battle 1, Mission 6 - Stop The Resupply Convoy!

Time for some serious work! The Imperial Star Destroyer Corrupter, which you discovered in your previous recon mission, was badly damaged during the Battle of Hoth. Your mission today is to interdict an Imperial resupply and repair convoy to prevent the Corrupter from getting back on its feet.

You'll be flying a B-Wing for the first time in this mission. While not a dogfighter like the X-Wing, the B-Wing can hold its own well enough against most Imperial fighters, and carries a massive torpedo load. At your first jump point, concentrate on taking out as many of the convoy ships as you can. Don't bother firing on the Monitor, it's going to jump away before you can do much damage.

In the second area, your priority is to clean up any remaining convoy craft that you missed previously, plus intercept shuttles carrying repair teams from the Monitor to the Corrupter. Beware of getting too close to the Corrupter, although it's damaged, there's nothing wrong with its turbolaser batteries.

Once the shuttles carrying the repair teams and all of the resupply convoy craft have been destroyed, you can leave. Destroy the Monitor if you're feeling aggressive.

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