Thursday, July 20, 2017

Twitch Fitness FAQs

Below are a few common questions that I get during Twitch fitness streams. I figured I'd run them down here (and reprint them on my Twitch channel) for general reference purposes.

Q. Why do this to yourself?
 A. Short answer: Because I want to keep doing things that I enjoy for as long as I possibly can. Longer answer: I enjoy reading, playing video games, riding motorcycles, flying, and spending time with my kids. Devoting a few hours a week to fitness helps increase the likelihood that I can continue enjoying these activities longer, and hopefully give me a better quality of life down the road. None of that is guaranteed, of course, but the odds get better.

Q. What do you do?
A. I run during the part of the year where the weather is conducive, and have started supplementing that with a weightlifting plan geared around building running strength. My main focus right now is building strength and endurance for distance running. In the winter off-season I focus on strength training. I follow Running Mate for my running plans, and use the classic Weider system for weightlifting.

Q. How about diet?
A.  There's a saying that goes "You lose weight in the kitchen, you gain strength in the gym." I'm currently following a modified low-carb diet that includes a Bulletproof Coffee-style breakfast. I've lost twenty pounds in 2017.

Q. What are your goals?
A. I want to run two marathons before April 2021, when I turn forty-one. I also want to be benchpressing my own bodyweight within two years, and weigh around 180lbs.

Q. How are you progressing?
A. I ran my first 5K race last year and am training for a 10K this year. I plan to end my running season with the same 5K race as last year, and see how I've improved in a year.

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